Robert C. Vincek Design Associates is a full service packaging and product development group.  We were formally established in 1996 to provide a world class option for meeting increasingly competitive business challenges. 

Bob Vincek, the firms principal, will bring 30 years of hands-on experience to your table that's been gained from but not limited to the medical device, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and converting industries. We possess a thorough understanding of design and engineering principles, materials, processes, procedures, manufacturing and distribution techniques. This means that we will never leave you with a solution that can't be economically manufactured, survive the rigors of shipment or meet end-user expectations.   

Our firm provides support for established businesses as well as startups. We maintain optimal organizational flexibility and have been instrumental in helping businesses to save  millions of dollars.

Contact us to find out more about our capabilities and how to put some value back into your packaging… your business.  We welcome your inquiry.